The “Dorcas Society” is a group of ladies whose purpose of meeting nine times a year, is to raise funds in support of various missions. We’ve discovered over the years, that there’s no shortage of causes one can support.

The society originated in March 1961 with seven members, doubling that within a year’s time. In those early years, when money was scarce for most of us, we would send bandages to a designated hospital in Nigeria. At first these consisted of the better parts of used sheets being ripped in strips, and rolled up as a onetime use bandage. Later, we began knitting long cotton bandages that could be used several times. We also sent good used clothing to Korea. When postage became too costly, we found ways and means to earn cash to send away. Money soon became the most useful to the recipients as well.

Currently we have 11 members. Our number may be small, but, we have a great support group, our church family. They help out when the task at hand is too much for us alone, such as a spring pancake breakfast, a fall “stamp pot” supper, or, preparing and serving a funeral luncheon. Our homemade desserts have also become popular, during the coffee break, at congregational meetings.

Some of the causes we support are: World Renew, Christian Blind Mission, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Wycliffe, and, we’ve sponsored a student in a school in Columbia for years. From time to time we also are able to support local needs. As in the early years, we continue to meet in the members’ homes and Dorcas still provides a time of fellowship and comradery, as well as fulfilling our original missional aim.

Contact members may be: Ynske Kaemingh or Wilma Wielinga.